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Who are we?

Founded by a world-class artist and an international business manager, Marshmallow Media & Consulting aims to change the face of businesses around the globe, through artistic creativity, management consulting, and target-market specific marketing and social media, helping to make our partner's clients sticky, just like a hot marshmallow. With clients ranging from dairy producers to independent video game companies, from security firms to international computer hardware companies, Marshmallow Media & Consulting has set the tone to be a little different than the other design firms; We immerse ourselves into our client's business, small or big, to find just what makes their clients tick, and turn that magic into reality. We aren't afraid of giving a client some ideas from a different perspective.

Our Services


Designing a company logo and visual materials takes much more than just a good artist. Proper branding includes an analysis of industry trends, buying motives, and a business and marketing understanding of psychological triggers


In a world where a company's social media presence matters a lot more than their physical location, Marshmallow Media & Consulting helps you to drive your marketing efforts so you can focus on what you know best.

UI/UX Design

Starting from sketches, we brainstorm the layout and digital wire-frame while involving the client to make sure we deliver the absolute best designs to your liking. With your ideas in mind and our creative direction, your project becomes a reality.

Business Development

We manage your business relationships, including clients, investors, management and market penetration, allowing you to focus on product development, future projects and maybe even that golf swing you've been itching to improve.

Application Development

Multiple platform apps plus more than just coding, Marshmallow Media & Consulting aims to improve our client's understanding of the process, enabling further ideas to be brain stormed, while making sure each line has been perfectly coded and tested.

Web Hosting

Whether you have a blog, personal or company website. Host with us for a secure, affordable alternative.

Latest Project

Sorry! Since we are a new agency, we are still gathering projects. Our project page is under construction and will be up very soon! In the meantime, please review our head designer's work.


Andres Arevalo
Co-Founder, Director of Business Development

Moving around every few years, from country to country throughout his childhood and into his young adult life has groomed Andres into a role that requires his love for crafting relationships, using his inter-personal skills to achieve so with splendor. Over the years, Andres has worked in various IT / Technology roles, working with both small and medium businesses, as well as enterprise firms. As part of his professional development, Andres works with clients of Marshmallow Media & Consulting in multiple disciplines of business, including social media marketing, investor relations, management consulting, business development and sales.

Rica-Marie Garcia
Co-Founder, Director of Design

Rica-Marie's career as a digital artist, illustrator, and UI/UX designer has given her the opportunity to work with on large projects seen and used by millions, yes, millions of people across the globe. Her understanding of clean, easy user interfaces have been used by major corporations, and her art and illustrations have been work commissioned by international firms. As Director of Design at Marshmallow Media & Consulting, Rica-Marie manages both clients and designers on our team, ensuring that all expectations are not only met with complete satisfaction, but she's been able to make a fan out of a happy client.

Zachary Briggs
Partner, Application Development

Zach is an exceptionally innovative and talented system designer and aggressive business manager whose interests range from particle physics and game development to robotics. Zach has extensive experience in software development with database, client/server, compression, encryption, and networking technologies with a hands-on understanding of wired, wireless, satellite, cellular, and fiber-optic networks. He holds multiple certifications in networking, computer software, and hardware and is currently attending Harvard University with a focus on Computer Science.

New York City, NY
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